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Pinless Moisture Meters

Subtitle:  How to use them — and how not to use them Images: 

I got a call the other day from a builder client, who said, “Hey Peter, a new homeowner of mine is super-worried about moisture and mold and is getting scary readings with his pinless moisture meter. Help!”

Pinless moisture meters read from the surface of any material, using an electromagnetic field. Feedback from this field provides information to estimate moisture content. These meters are called “capacitance-based” meters, while pin-type moisture meters are called “resistance-based” meters.

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The Important Stuff You Need to Know About Ceiling Fans

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Here we are in the middle of air conditioning season.  So why don't we chop down some myths and misconceptions about ceiling fans?

What got me on to this topic was a video of a fan with blades that hide on top of the fan when the fan is turned off. Sounds clever, but it's a ridiculous idea.

Anyway, here are seven things about ceiling fans that a lot of people seem not to know.

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